January's print (size 5.8 MB) 'Charlie'

February's print (size 5.91 MB) 'Charlie'

May's Download
'This Window'
(an International Collaboration)

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'Your Life Has Been Mastered For You'

DJet [ru] mbbmbbmm [de] PS [pt] This Window [uk]

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Ciao Again Ciao Again (multimedia download)

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by This Window released in 2005 on
'The Sampler #05' .(time=2:50)

Cuban TV

Listen to track preview on MySpace . This Window recorded live in the studio of M4tr.com, whilst watching Cuban TV.(time=3:06)This track is off the 2007 CD Jig-Saw Man .

Welcome to my free dowload page which is in conjunction with my solo exhibition

Allergy @ The Landmark Theatre, Ilfracombe, North Devon, UK
between 3rd September 2007 – 7th October 2007

Allergy 3&4 (a combined media exhibition)

by Peter Bright

A series of free high resolution downloadable prints or mp3's by 'This Window' (aka Peter Bright) will be placed online between the 7 th January 2007 and 7 th October 2007, a new one added per month on http://www.peterbright.co.uk/allergy3/ . These can be posted back to me to be signed to form an edition.

In conjunction series of paintings on canvas in oil will be exhibited at the Landmark Theatre in Illfracombe. These canvases are wolves dressed up in sheep's clothing...I'm painting them because I hate them…I have become allergic to creativity.


January's  litho was begun in 1978 and completed in 2004. Over this period of time my life has changed, my body has changed, my politics have changed, my diet has changed etc. For more background see http://www.peterbright.co.uk/1978.html

If you want me to sign these prints and I will send you my postal address.