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“They really caught my attention, I’ve been obsessed with their myspace all week…a real taste for melody, something more than just traditional folk.” – BBC Introducing

“…their music creates a rich atmosphere, where every pluck of a banjo or double bass string adds a little more to the mix, each song possessing a kind of gentle lilt that carries you through but refuses to rush…Alms are defined by their honesty – honestly emotional, honestly human and, honestly, they’re wonderful.” – Music From A Green Window

“If you cross-bred Mumford & Sons with Fleet Foxes, I imagine that Alms is what you’d get…certainly one of the most interesting bands I’ve heard of late.” – The Blue Walrus

“great lyrics and all round a great vibe” – Fresh Meat Friday on The Meatysauce Review

“Such a great find…all I want to do is listen on loop this evening” – Come Pick Me Up

“I’m such a sucker for songs with pretty lyrics and I just have to say, oh-my-gosh—I am in love with this new track from Alms. The lyrics, everything about the instrumentals…just lovely! ” – The Most Music

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