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Four Dimensional Nightmare – Revisited

Four Dimensional Nightmare is a dark analogue place – a fabulous place where your nerves get a little bit  jangled but the experience is highly addictive. If you become a fan on the ReverbNation page you get some great free downloads!
The text below is taken from the website:
I started Four Dimensional Nightmare near the end of 2007, a solo project with various aspirations. I wanted to create something new, a daunting task in this age of a million bands and a billion songs. I love industrial music, love experimenting and love playing the guitar. As well as goofing around with my voice. So what has resulted? I’ve recorded about 500 songs or so in a genre I decided to call “horrorshow.”
I’ve had the opportunity in the past three years to remix and collaborate with artists all over the world and made some great friends. And even played some shows, a challenge for a one-person band.
I’ll drink to that – keep it up mate!

Below is selection from an email interview with Four Dimensional Nightmare we did in  2009
  • Your music can not be described as ‘easy listening’ (thank God) so how would you describe it?

I would say it’s a sort of hybrid between industrial, psychedelic and experimental. I write from the dream state – usually waking up from lucid dreams and writing down everything I can remember. Sometimes I keep going and actually do the song during the night and sometimes I work the next day. Read more of the interview…

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