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In or out of Europe we are still starved of jobs

No matter what your views are on the EU referendum the majority are still struggling to find well paid work and those that are in work (sometimes) have to face the abuse and pressure of employers who refuse to pay a decent wage.

Business is Business

Ten of the UK’s 12 most struggling towns and cities are in the North of England, new research shows.

Critics say the findings undermine George Osborne’s plan to create a Northern Powerhouse to bridge the North-South divide.

Rochdale’s economy is declining most steeply, followed by Burnley, Bolton, Blackburn and Hull, according to a report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

They are followed by Grimsby, Dundee, Middlesbrough, Bradford, Blackpool, Stoke-on-Trent and Wigan. Yahoo

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The number of profit warnings posted by publicly listed companies has reached the highest level since the last recession, according to a survey.

There were 100 warnings by companies listed on the London Stock exchange between October and December – the most since the start of 2009, it said.

Companies are obliged to warn their investors when they think they will earn less than previously expected. (source BBC News)

Potential new business owners can take advantage of the opportunities created by an economic downturn or recession. You are lean and mean with a well-thought out business concept; get the right support and advice, have good business planning and a proper sourcing of finance; this is a recipe for potential business success.

You need to look deep into your crystal ball and try to predict the future, to foresee the next market shift and growth niche. We are living in a time when markets and employment conditions are tough and uncertain; maybe starting your own business is an option. During this period of economic volatility you stand a good chance of success.

I really can’t be bothered to paint anymore – #art is a load of bollocks

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Daub on the paint, wipe off the paint – yes it looks like a fucking wine bottle but you can’t drink it, taste it, smell it or smash it over somebody’s head in a fit of rage – so what use does ART have?

I really can’t be bothered to paint anymore – art is a load of bollocks and people who believe in this shit need to get a life.

powerThe only true pursuit for the creative process is the creation of the commodity. There are no such things as art schools, public art and art galleries, they are simply empty vessels containing and perpetuating the (economic) elitist stranglehold on the common man’s freedom to think for himself.

The powerful use art to bludgeon the weak into submission by edifying their wealth with totems and monuments to their self glory. [Read More]

Any person who calls themselves an artist should be ashamed of themselves – because they are a liar.

 LeTs MakE MoNey

Art blogs may also serve as a forum to reach out to anybody interested in art — be it painting, sculpture, print making, creative photography, video art, conceptual art or new media. In this way, they may be visited not only for the practitioners of different forms of art, but also collectors, connoisseurs, and critics.

There is no point in leaving your business web site with static content. Your website is not there to be admired like a still life painting or photograph, it has to be constantly changing or your visitors will get bored and all your clients will go elsewhere.

Smarter businesses and artists outsource their web content generation to companies who know how to extract the biggest impact with the least amount of words.

Business blogs are used by organisations to achieve corporate goals. The advantage of blogs over other web-based media is that posts and comments are easy to follow and are centralised on one host and platform (everything is in one place).  With this homogenised structure it is easier to engage the visitor in one virtual space. These blogs can then be distributed via Social media, linking back to what is effectively a business hub.

An out of date blog sends out the wrong signals to your clients, blogs that have more frequent and regular posting schedules tend to develop an audience and client base quicker.

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Memories: Dead birds and rubber gloves, stolen kisses, pouches of Chinese fresh drinking water, broken dreams, sections of discarded fishing nets strewn across the tourist beach, lovers in the darkness groping for the dark, hands first finding spaces, then they find there mark, my father, my ghost, my hopes and dreams, stinking of rotting carcasses [Read More]

The Defeatist: I have never been a true artist. The naked truth is I have been and still am a liar. The pointlessness of producing art for decoration and pleasure is a perverted masturbation fantasy – a process for the deluded mind. Art and its prettiness have no place in any intellectual society – it has no place in a capitalist society …

#Business #Mailart

Mail Art in WisconsinIt has been the fashion in recent years for businesses to abandonn direct mail (using the traditional postal mailing service) in favour of online marketing and email campaigns. Companies are however returning to this marketing tool and being more creative using shaped flyers. These not only get the recipents interest, but some businesses are doubling response rates with these shaped mail drops. Maybe art will come through our letter boxes again?

Art by mail or mail art?

Mailart in many respects pushes the boundaries of what can be considered art, it has a surreal or Dada quality about it. Mail art sometimes reaches the mainstream gallery audiences but never really reaches the greater highs….Read more

Companies that attempt to generate sales entirely through indiscriminate direct mail, cold calling or email campaigns are going to find the going tough. Unique leads for your niche market are the best leads and by targeting the people who really need your product you stand a better chance of getting the positive response you require. It is important to know who your clients are.

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Business website traffic

 Get into search engines

Search Engine listings are probably the cheapest way to generate website traffic, by-passing the need for a pay for clicks campaign.  There are probably more web pages on the Internet than there are  people in the world and page population is growing at a faster rate  than the world’s population. Even the greatest designed website, advertising the greatest products or services around will not be  discovered if nobody knows it exists! It is written elsewhere that  over 90% of all Internet traffic is generated by Search Engines. To say that it is imperative to get your site listed in Search Engines is  an understatement, survival of your business relies on your website  being found by potential customers when they start searching for  products or services similar to yours.

There has always been a market for nostalgia and old technology – this is an area that should be exploited.
Recorded on a 4 track Tascam 144 cassette recorder – I had bought this in Birmingham – the store fleeced me with excessive repayments – they were expensive bits of kit and a piece of cutting edge technology…

What are business keywords?

The human language is different from and possibly more complex than those of other species. The language you decide to communicate your thoughts and product details in on a web based medium must be of a standard that enables the viewer to understand what you are trying to say. Human language is highly complex and is based on a set of rules where symbols, expression and sound have meaning. Business keywords are simply created by creating an infinite number of possible descriptions from a combination of  different expressive elements. Read more...

The important thing to remember though is that the visible content of your site is the most important search engine optimization weapon in your arsenal. Well written content and text is strategically a far more useful use of your time than messing about with key word tags.

L  E  A  R  N  +  L  A  N  G  U  A  G  E  ?

For those who come to Exmoor to do a three, four or five day ENDELS Course there is the opportunity to travel over the beautiful hills and valleys of Exmoor and to see if you can find any Stags. It is not easy. We cannot guarantee that you will see any Red Deer herds but we can do our best in the time that you are here.

That is the beauty of an ENDELS Course. You are invited here for one-to-one tuition to improve your spoken English. And, at the same time you can, with your partner, have a special leisure time programme – that may include searching for the Emperor Red Stag or for other herds of Red Deer. Read more…