Dartington Hall – Personal Appearance?

Following on from my last solo exhibition. I will be at Dartington Hall (Totnes Devon, TQ9 6ED UK) on the 21st November 2007 – I will be in The exhibition space in the Upper Solar Room, above the Great Hall between 1.30 and 8.30. I will be exhibiting a couple of paintings: ‘Martyr Mother’ which is a painting (animal excrement mixed with varnish) on canvas and a ‘Self Portrait’. I will also have some free postcards to give away and a limited edition (100) of ‘The Sampler #05’ (Finish The Story and This Window CD) which are £2.50 each.Quote:

Devon Artsculture will be showcasing the talents of its members on the afternoon of 21st November at Dartington Hall.
The day will celebrate the talented beneficiaries of this dynamic business development project. Including film, visual art, performance, poetry and music, 3 Years In! will reflect the diverse range of local artists that Devon Artsculture has helped prosper.


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