Harbour, Fowey, Cornwall

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I have never been one for bobbing about in a little sailing dingy – I prefer something with an engine. Power, speed – the age of sail has been dead for over a century. Little harbours like Fowey make me laugh – pretty little boats with pretty little sails. The perfect place to paint a commercial painting for the tourists. Hahaha. :)

Fowey is a small town, civil parish and cargo port at the mouth of the River Fowey in south Cornwall, England, United Kingdom – an over priced middle class refuge, full of people who can’t afford Sandbanks or a ‘Sunseeker’. 😉

These photographs above was taken using a Pentax Espio 120mi, which I obtained from a charity shop for £1.50 and is point-and-shoot, mid-range, 35mm film camera. The Espio is an autofocus unit with automatic exposure settings and a built in flash unit.

High Street, Fowey, Cornwall

High Street, Fowey, Cornwall

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