France trip

Just returned back from France. The time was divided between Paris and Rennes. In 1979 my work was exhibited in this city.

10-31 mai 1979

École Regional des Beaux-Arts RENNES

Une exposition commune des élèves

It is impossible for me not to visit Cancale when I am in Brittany. Cancale lies along the coast to the east of Saint-Malo. It is a picturesque fishing village popular with visitors, many of whom are drawn by its reputation as the “oyster capital” of Brittany. There is an oyster farm their which is well worth visiting. Though Cancale is  a small coastal town, it is well served by a large number of restaurants, many specialising in seafood. When not eating one can sit and watch the bustle of this busy little town with many stalls selling crustaceans of all types.

Eugène Feyen painted Cancale and the inhabitants with the oyster-picking Cancalaises for several decades around 1865–1908. Vincent van Gogh wrote that “Eugène Feyen is one of the few painters who pictures intimate modern life as it is really, and does not turn it into fashion plates”.

Concale Oysters

I always like, when painting or making music, to hover on the edge of my comfort zone. In life I prefer to stay well within my limitations, however my fear of heights had to be overcome by being in charge of 28 young people who were climbing the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Another boundary has been crossed!

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