I have begun painting again

“Reflections Ilfracombe Harbour Jubilee Day 2012”

The composition of this painting is based on a Union Jack and is a combination of screen printing and painting.

The reflections in the harbour in Ilfracombe always amaze me – the dirty sea water mixed with the vivid colours of the reflected boats, the bobbing flotsam and jetsam, the sunlight and oil spills.

My current preoccupation at the moment with 35mm film photography as taught me to look at things again – capturing the odd moment or peculiar juxtaposition.

Ilfracombe Harbour

The photograph above of Ilfracombe harbour was taken with a Pentax Spotmatic 500, a classic 35mm camera in June 2012.

Lens flare and a slightly over cooked vintage feel, scratches, dust, and fibre strands – 35mm film is far more fun than digital.

Pentax Spotmatic – SP500

I have just bought and received via eBay a Pentax SP500 camera. I  put a new battery into it and the internal light meter worked straight away. Unlike the Pentax K1000 you need to switch the light meter on using … Continue reading ?

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