Landscapes at Speed

Roadtrips and long journeys hurtle undefined landscapes past your window. Star-shaped spears spin and pierce the night sky as they shoot from streetlights and mountains stand solid on the horizon as the trees in the foreground blur and streak across your eyes.

Click the image above for more image from a six day roadtrip with stopoffs in Brussels, Zurich (it was going to be Prague – but the German authorities banned us from their country on the outward journey) Zagreb, Munich, Ipers, passing through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Germany.

It is possible to tell more about a landscape or object in a painting than to actually experience the real thing – the editing and generalization required in painting enables the experience of the landscape to be viewed in shorthand. The greatest trick is to imply this with the minimum of effort. Read more…

Below is a video of a previous exhibition

Napalm Exmoor National Park

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