Metaphor (from text Wolverhampton University 2003)

The language of business is based on metaphor, ‘The Company grew from a tiny’.

There are millions of ‘Art’ viewpoints; some take a position of extreme difficulty or resistance. This position questions everything and is unforgiving. The principal is that artists should look beyond the superficiality of life and expose the core. They should also look at the superficiality of Art and culture and rip and tear at the flesh of its own conception, rejecting Metaphor, Romanticism etc. etc. By implementing such self imposed draconian measures you may be left with a purity of ideas but that leaves little to create or live for.


My disease makes it hard for me to enjoy myself or be creative – until I find solace in oblivion. I am on a merry-go-round, I recycle and I am a metaphor.