Old Sketchbook

Trimaran off St Marys

Scilly Isles

During May 1977 I skived off Art College and spent a few days on St Martins in the Scilly Isles …. The reason I gave to my tutors for my ‘holiday’ was I wanted to do some drawing – they didn’t believe me, I was never a good liar. Below are extracts from my sketchbook/diary

Monday 16th May 1977

“Just off the quay somebody has drawn a maze in the sand, it looks rather good. It is a nice idea to draw something that will only last for a few hours, to be reclaimed again by the sea; maybe I’ll have a go. The time factor is interesting.”

Tuesday 17th May 1977

“which will show me I can work from the landscape. This is something that I have felt is too over powering, too difficult for me to undertake but even after today I’m picking up little tricks. Tricks are I’m sure what landscape painting is all about.”

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