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Finish The Story

Quote: Gajoob 1990 (review of En Face‘) A suave female lead vocalist steals the show on several of the cuts’

Nicola - Exeter 1983

Every Angry Word (demo) recorded in Sound Conception Studios. Bristol in 1982 – listen or download

Finish The Story are one of Worcestershire’s lost bands. Sinister, brooding, icy, haunting and ethereal – their music was like nothing else at the time and very little since.

Initially formed for a one off gig, Finish The Story went on to support The Cure and were voted one of the best live bands of 1982 (beating U2), before splitting up without ever releasing a record.

The three core members of Finish The Story; Nicola Mumford (Vocals), Peter Bright (Bass/Guitar) and Garry Smout (Keyboards) hailed from Evesham and Bromsgrove.

The band were born out of tragedy after the death of Stuart Dyke in a car accident. At the time he was Nicola’s boyfriend and bass player with Evesham group The Dancing Did. (BBC)


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 Finish The Story

Live Bootleg (CD)

Disc: £4.00

This disc is a record of the live gigs that Finish The Story did between 1981 and 1983. These tracks are the only known live recordings ever made (as far as we know). The quality is not brilliant but the performances are. The first two tracks have only recently been discovered – does anybody know where the recording originates from? The Exeter gig is the audio from a VHS video of the gig.

This is worth getting as it is a rare glimpse into the mythology that was the early Finish The Story.

1. Alone With A Picture In A Matchstick Frame
2. Chant Of The Boxed In Society
3. Dressed Up In White
4. Every Angry Word
5. The Righteous Talk Of Remembers
6. Empty Vessels (Make Most Sound) 7.
The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp
8. Me Accusing Me
9. Contenders To Play
10. Playing At Life

Nicola Mumford: Vocals
Garry Smout: Keyboards
Peter Bright: Guitar and Bass



LOVE THIS! “This simple video was recorded on a domestic VHS camcorder in 1981 and was played before Finish The Story’s…

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Old pentax lenses on a digital camera #pentax

I love mixing old technology with new technology

This lens (number 7734948) was originally made available for the Pentax Spotmatic (SP 1000 etc.) 35mm film camera bodies. They have a 42mm screw thread and with an adapter can be used on modern DSLRs

The plant photograph was taken with this lens on a Pentax K-01 Digital Camera

At last the complete BATMAN A&BC Gum Cards 1966. PINK BACK #batman #A&BC

55 Batman Cards…

It has only taken me 48 years to get the complete set of f Batman 1966  A&BC Chewing Gum Ltd cards but I am a happy man… I acquired the missing one today.

Each card is a full colour, hand-painted image by one of several contributing (comic book) artists including: Norm Saunders and Bob Powell.


Set of 55 Batman cards (British variant of Topps Batman set – Front is the same as US set, reverse has pink background with text.) Commonly known as “Pink Back Series” or “Black Bats”. UK cards smaller in size compared to the US Topps sets

The Beatles A&BC Chewing Gum Ltd (first series) 7 loose cards #beatles

Faded Beatles – my life has faded with them

I unearthed a box of old stuff which was crammed with bits and pieces from my childhood. Photographs of the Beatles printed on cardboard, faded and going the colour of straw – I looked in the mirror and there was the same reflection.

Below are a few of the Beatles black & white cards. Numbers 7, 37, 45, 48, 51, 57, 60 from a series of 60. A&BC Chewing Gum Ltd cards showing John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney with printed signatures in blue.


The #Beatles – trading cards better than the real thing

I understand the joys of collecting things like stamps, trading crds etc. there is alway the pleasure of finding, buying that elusive one that will make the set. Chewing gum cards were my thing when I was small – I loved the chance element, the hope of getting what I wanted. I no longer collect things but I still love chance, which is why I now do the lottery.

The Beatles built their reputation playing clubs in Liverpool and Hamburg over a three-year period from 1960. Manager Brian Epstein moulded them into a professional act and producer George Martin enhanced their musical potential. They gained popularity in the United Kingdom after their first hit, “Love Me Do”, in late 1962. They acquired the nickname “the Fab Four” as Beatlemania grew in Britain over the following year, and by early 1964 they had become international stars, leading the “British Invasion” of the United States pop market.

In 1962 / 63 Douglas Coakley of A & BC Chewing Gum Ltd, approached Brian Epstein, The Beatles manager, and his lawyer David Jacobs, to obtain the rights to produce trading cards featuring photographs and autographs of the Beatles. A set of 60 cards was produced and issued in 1964. The photographs were provided to A&BC Chewing Gum Ltd courtesy of Nems Enterprises Ltd, Brian Epstein’s company, and appear to be mostly taken in 1963 and maybe 1962. A second series quickly followed.

I love Beatles ephemera – I hate their annoying music

As far as I am concerned they are not the massive influence on popular music they are claimed to be – mediocrity comes to mind.


The backs are clean on 7, 37, 48, 51, 57(obviously age faded) and corners and edges fairly crisp and sharp.

The backs of 45 and 60 are glue damaged and age faded. Corners and edges are fairly crisp and sharp.