Printmaking Workshop and Exhibition – June 2011

Postcard for exhibitionQuotes: “Take up a radical position with Peter Bright, who is borderline anarchic in his thinking and equally bold in his art.” Andrea Charters … Continue reading ?

Exhibition of Prints, Drawings and Paintings by
Peter Bright
150 Building, West Buckland School

Monday 6th June – Friday 1st July (open 0900 to 1600 Mon. to Fri.)

Preview 6th June 1800 to 2100

Old images and ideas revisited and recycled – re-executed in print and paint. A body of work based around “Beauty and the Beast” a classic tale of love, rejection and prejudice, where the beauty is the beast and the beast is the beauty. An allegory, a symbolic representation or a metaphor for my feelings towards ART.

Whatever happened to the Space Age? by This Window

If you could turn back time would you?

My heroes have grown old with me or they have died – maybe their death has been a way to freeze time, stop the aging process – not only for them but for me also? ‘Peter’s exhibition was inspired by … Continue reading ?

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Screen Print – Beauty and the Beast
Nude Drawing

Printmaking Workshop:
Saturday 11th June 2011 10-1.30pm 

Print Room in the 150 Building

West Buckland School, Barnstaple, Devon
EX32 0SX

Teacher: Peter Bright

Course Aims:

A hands on introduction to woodcuts and how to create a series of prints. Within the time frame it is hoped that each participating member will be able to create a finished image. The techniques shown will be simple ‘kitchen table’ processes that will be easy to replicate at home.

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Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a surface. The application of the medium is commonly applied with a brush. In art, the term painting describes both the act and the result of the action. These same criteria can be used to describe printing.


Equipment needed: All materials are provided.

Additional costs: No additional costs.

Refreshments: Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Location:West Buckland School, Barnstaple. As you turn onto the school site, take the left turning to the car park. The 150 building is located adjacent to the main car park, and the front door is at the far end of the building as you walk towards it.


Cost: £28.75. There is a 15% discount to current WBS parents and staff, and would ask that all course places are pre-booked.

For further details of the above courses, or to request a booking form please contact Karen Wicks:

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Screenprints on canvas.

Screenprint - 2011

I have begun a series of paintings (screenprints) ready for my exhibition in the ‘Long Gallery’ (West Buckland School, Barnstaple, North Devon). The loose idea for these images are based around the title ‘Beauty and the Beast’ – the ‘beauty‘ will be a large ape. This will coincide with a workshop I am giving on how to create woodcuts. Read more…

Screenprint - 2011 by This WindowBeauty and the Beast (French: La Belle et la Bête) is a traditional fairy tale. The first published version of the fairy tale was a rendition by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, published in La jeune américaine, et les contes marins in 1740.… Continue reading ?

Postcard for exhibition

Quotes: “Take up a radical position with Peter Bright, who is borderline anarchic in his thinking and equally bold in his art.”  Andrea Charters … Continue reading ?

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