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Harbour, Fowey, Cornwall

#Fowey in #Cornwall – Pentax Espio 120mi #pentax #35mm #film – Vintage film cameras

I have never been one for bobbing about in a little sailing dingy – I prefer something with an engine. Power, speed – the age of sail has been dead for over a century. Little harbours like Fowey make me laugh – pretty little boats with pretty little sails. The perfect place to paint a commercial painting for the tourists. Hahaha. :)

Fowey is a small town, civil parish and cargo port at the mouth of the River Fowey in south Cornwall, England, United Kingdom – an over priced middle class refuge, full of people who can’t afford Sandbanks or a ‘Sunseeker’. 😉

These photographs above was taken using a Pentax Espio 120mi, which I obtained from a charity shop for £1.50 and is point-and-shoot, mid-range, 35mm film camera. The Espio is an autofocus unit with automatic exposure settings and a built in flash unit.

High Street, Fowey, Cornwall

High Street, Fowey, Cornwall

Is this Art? #photography

Fine art photography is suppose to be created with the vision of an artist. Fine art photography is the opposite of photojournalism or holiday snapping – which provides a visual account for either news or family events. Commercial photography is used to advertise products or services.

I don’t think photography can ever be a ‘Fine Art’

These images were taken using  a Pentax SP1000 35mm camera. This camera was my father’s, who bought it from new in the 1970s. All Pentax Spotmatics (SP) use the M42 screw-thread lens mount. The lenses are focused at maximum aperture to give a bright viewfinder image for focusing, then a switch at the side stops the lens down and switches on the metering to enable the exposure to be set prior to shutter release.

I love the slightly over cooked vintage feel of these images, scratches, dust, and fibre strands -35mm film is far more fun than digital.

Trying to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear

Westward Ho! is a ridiculous, bizarre  and unusual name for a seaside shithole

These photographs were taken using a Pentax Espio 120mi, which I obtained from a charity shop for £1.50 and is an appropriate junkshop camera to take images of a low market, seaside, caravan site infested, blot on the landscape.

I have done my best to make this place look as attractive as I can…

westward_ho westward_ho_pebbles

The village name comes from the title of Charles Kingsley’s novel Westward Ho! (1855) which was set in nearby Bideford. The book was a bestseller, and entrepreneurs saw the opportunity to develop tourism in the area. Which explains why a perfectly beautiful piece of coast looks like an inner city crap hole.

Pentax Espio 120mi #pentax #35mm #film – Vintage film cameras

More and more people are turning to Charity Shops to buy goods. Other people’s castaways are somebody else’s ‘can use’. Not only can you purchase usable quality clothing, you can get (slightly) out of date technology – there is nothing wrong with something manufactured in the 1970s, 80s, or 90s. Like antiques and fine art, quality is quality.lisa_westward_hoThe photograph above was taken using a Pentax Espio 120mi, which I obtained from a charity shop for £1.50 and is point-and-shoot, mid-range, 35mm film camera. The Espio is an autofocus unit with automatic exposure settings and a built in flash unit.

Design initiatives make this a small and flexible camera – notably the physical size and overall quality of finish make this camera a stylish baby. It houses a good quality zoom lens (38-120mm) with plenty of features that enable a variety of picture taking settings.

The focus and exposure system on this easy to use camera is an improvement on earlier Pentax compacts, giving sharp results and a decent contrast of tones. One of the most useful applications available on this model is ‘backlight compensation’ setting, which enables you to take a photograph using natural light in the background and flash in the foreground, giving an even tone across the image. Panorama mode is included in this little package which gives a different aspect ratio from most other cameras.

Found 35mm film in camera – #Cuba 1999 – #rodeo

I found an old 35mm camera in the attic of our house – I bought a battery and rewound the film that was in it.

These images are of a Rodeo I went to in Cuba (1999) – the vaqueros pictured were the ones I had the privilege to ride up and across the hills around Viñales with (a small town and municipality in the north-central Pinar del Río Province of Cuba). These are the same people I drank rum with at 6 0?clock in the morning and the ones who carried me to my bed at 1 o’clock in the morning.

This arena was part of a complex (by a lake) where Castro’s stallions were kept and a cock fighting ring was situated – surrounded by small pens where the finest Mexican fighting cocks were pampered and preened. The entrance to the whole complex was maned by well armed guards.