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Any person who calls themselves an #artist should be ashamed of themselves – because they are a #liar.

powerThe only true pursuit for the creative process is the creation of the commodity. There are no such things as art schools, public art and art galleries, they are simply empty vessels containing and perpetuating the (economic) elitist stranglehold on the common man’s freedom to think for himself.

The powerful use art to bludgeon the weak into submission by edifying their wealth with totems and monuments to their self glory. [Read More]

Any person who calls themselves an artist should be ashamed of themselves – because they are a liar.

(Commodity) art is created for and by the wealthy.

Painting has always been dead: Rubber gloves, stolen kisses, pouches of Chinese fresh drinking water, broken dreams, the constant questioning and declassification of what art is and what the content is has lead to this so called crisis in painting (there has always been a crisis in painting) – Painting is dead – the exponents of Conceptual Art tried to destroy the art object but failed – thought and the idea is the object. The primary aims of Conceptual Art in the 1960?s was to carry out a theoretical examination of ‘art’ and through understanding propose ‘concepts as art’, sections of discarded fishing nets strewn across the tourist beach, lovers in the darkness groping for the dark, hands first finding spaces, then they find there mark, my father, my ghost, my hopes and dreams, stinking of rotting carcasses [Read More]