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This Window – free Microsoft download

This%20WindowIn 2009 A free download of ‘You Have The Power‘ by This Window was made possible by Microsoft. There were 1,000s of other FREE songs were available to download. These free downloads (m4a and mp3) were all from ReverbNation artists and made possible through the Sponsored Songs program. These songs were EXCLUSIVE to the program, which meant you would have to pay to get these downloads from anywhere else.

This was a fantastic success with thousands of copies of the track being downloaded, which helped sell other artworks.

Morgue Studio Demos (CDr)

Label: M4TR Productions
Catalog#: M4tr008
Format: CDr Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: 20 May 2008
Genre: Rock
Style: Art Rock, Goth Rock
Credits: Bass – Jake Bright
Note The first four tracks on this CD were recorded between March and May 2008 at Morgue Studio and the fifth is a section from This Window’s 30 minute live set which was streamed (via the Internet) to the Plac.Art.X event in Leerer Beutel/ Regensburg Germany on the 18th August 2007. This CD is a limited release of 100.Read review of Morgue Studio Demos  by Mick Mercer


1 Where Is My Jesus? (3:30)
2 Is It A Dream? (3:12)
3 You Have The Power (3:02)
4 Avocets (3:45)
5 (live) Salle De Bain (2:21)

Beauty and the Beast


Media: Painting and Screen Print on canvas, signed and dated 2011.Size: 400mm x 400mmBuy here…

Cassette Culture an art network

Cassette Culture was an offshoot of the mail art movement of the 1970s and 1980s, it emerged from the DIY ethic of punk. In the UK cassette culture was born during the post-punk period, 1978–1984, extending through the late ’80s and into the ’90s. It was a postal-based network identical to the mail art scene.

The packaging and designing of the insert sleeve of cassette releases was an important part of the movement, a high degree of creativity and originality was visable in the execution of the overall appearence of the prioduct. Most of the  packaging relied on traditional plastic shells with a photocopied “J-card” insert but some artists broke away from the restrictive dimensions of the audio cassette format, either in a slick graphic  way or by  taking an anti-art stand point  – using a conceptual, DADA methodology .

BWCD released a cassette by Japanese noise artist Aube that came tied to a blue plastic ashtray shaped like a fish. EEtapes of Belgium release of This Window  “Extraction 2” was packaged with an X-ray of a broken limb in 1995. The Barry Douglas Lamb album “Ludi Funebres” had the cassette box buried in some earth contained in a larger outer tin and covered in leaves.

The European scene was very active during this period with exceptional ‘labels’ appearing in Germany and Belgium.

IRRE Tapes (Germany) run by Matthias Lang evolved out of the IRRE Fanzine which he published regularly during the early 1980’s covering New Wave, Post Punk and the German Underground. This European cassette label helped to spread the word around the world, supporting the independent, self financed artist, releasing material by the likes of Brume, Maeror Tri, City Of Worms and This Window. His eclectic taste covered the whole range of the DIY, Independent Underground music scene from Experimental Electronica to Guitar Pop.

Below is an extract from an interview on The Living Archive Of Underground Music, which is an archive dedicated to Cassette culture, home taping, tape trading and mail art from the 1980s to the present. The Living Archive Of Underground Music is written and edited by Don Campau. Read more…

Wie hattest Du das Label bekannt gemacht? Durch Magazine, andere Labels, Radio?

How did you spread the word of the tape label? Magazines, other labels, radio?

Tja ob IRRE Tapes je bekannt war? Wenn dann eher durch das unabhängige Netzwerk in der ganzen Welt, damals konnte man auch noch kostengünstig Tapes in andere Länder schicken… die Mehrzahl der Tapes wurde mit Gleichgesinnten in der ganzen Welt getauscht, so richtig kommerziell verkauft wurden die wenigsten – dafür hab ich heute aber auch noch unzählige Kisten alter Tapes die ich im Tausch damals bekommen hatte. Es gab zwar auch kommerziellere Vertriebe, die aber nie wirklich lange z.B. der tolle 235 Laden ich glaube in Bad Honnef. Die hatten auch mit tolle Mailorder-Kataloge, geniale Ideen z.B. gab es da das Tape des Monats das man per Dauerauftrag bekommen konnte……

Well, if IRRE-tapes were really that popular? If so, the independent network all around the world helped to make the label popular…at that time postage for tapes to be sent to other countries was quite cheap…the majority of tapes was swapped with artists all around the world and only a very few were really commercially sold. I still have many boxes full of old tapes that I received by trade. There were also more commercial distributors that never existed so long, like the 235-shop in Bad Honnef. They had great mailorder-catalogues and it was even possible to get there the „tape of the month“ by periodical payment order.

The Insanely Happy EP – Insane from Belgium

Alain Neffe is probably one of the most influential ‘cassette underground’ people around, his Belgian label Insane released many of the 1980?s heroes of the home taping and mail art scenes. Here is an opportunity to get a collectors edition … Continue reading ?

North Devon Art Exhibition

Being the ‘Festival Director of Art’ means that ultimately I will offend someone when I don’t select them – who needs to be popular? I would prefer the title curator, which is technically what I have been for over three years.

From the Archives: Your Art at the West Buckland Festival (Thursday September 18th and ended on Sunday September 21st) began with an evening preview on the Thursday in St Peter’s Church. There were dozens of works of art – paintings, sculptures, photographs, … Continue reading ?

In contemporary art, the title curator is given to a person who better produces knowledge and better picture of any situation. This might involve finding a strategy for display. Thematic, conceptual and formal approaches are all prevalent. In addition to selecting works, the curator often is responsible for writing labels, catalog essays, and other supporting content for the exhibition.

I am slowly getting the list together of artist who will be invited to exhibit at the West Buckland Festival in September 2011.

The aim of the The Gallery exhibition, which runs during the West Buckland Festival, is promote selected, amateur and professional artist living within the dispersed communities of North Devon and beyond. Past exhibitions have received critical acclaim and have been remarkably successful for artists and visitors. Diversity has been the success of these exhibitions, with entries ranging from textiles, painting, carving, printmaking and ceramics etc.

Exhibitors are all artists and crafts people from North Devon. Artists are invited to enter Works of Art that are new or that have not been exhibited before. We expect that there will be up to 100 Works of Art to view and enjoy. Many Works will be on sale and can be acquired during the Preview and throughout the Festival weekend.

Devon Artists DirectoryNormal Conditions of The Gallery ExhibitionWest Buckland Festival reserves the right to hang the exhibition as they think appropriate and to refuse to exhibit a work if it is regarded as being unsuitable.West Buckland Festival cannot be held liable for any damage or loss, so those exhibiting are exhibiting at their own risk.West Buckland Festival have prioritized original work over prints.Work is offered for sale but a commission of 20% will be charged (deducted form sale price). The total cost of work must be paid to the festival who will issue artists with the balance less commission.

For a full list of exhibitions, workshops and evening performances please visit: It’s Cabaret Time! An all star cast hosted by your MC JONATHAN RALPH 7:30 -10:00 pm in St Peter’s Church with HARRY THE PIANO ‘‘the best pianist in the civilized world’ – Jonathan RossContinue reading ?

This Window – ‘Cassette Culture’: Notes on exhibition of paintings and prints: “Where are the references for my next exhibition? Action Painting – Pollock . Print dribbled paint. Soft pink landscapes (1980 ) Richard…”

Extra News

“…trawling through the knicker drawer of my artistic ventures over the years and found some incriminating evidence, not least these three tracks recorded in the spare bedroom with various musician friends.”
Source MySpace.com

Two of these tracks by Veronica Henry are now available as downloads on most major retail sites.

“Fallen Angel” by Veronica Henry

Cassette Culture – Review

Below is a section from a review by Mick Mercer in his journal (November 21st, 2009). His is one of our favorite sites on the web.

“Extraction Part 1’ through to ‘Extraction Part 4’ works out as about thirty five minutes from the ‘Extraction’ album, with everything from scuzzy guitar doldrums, to foul-mouthed American opinion, displaced operatics, Industrial rumblings, orchestral fritters, world musicish musings and waverings, rhythmic sibilance. ‘Hungry Children’ is a weird disquieting flutter, then the gloriously swaggering ‘Where Is My Jesus?’ is real style because this is as good a post-punk slinky noir standout as you’ll find, which then ends up as ‘Jig-Saw Man’, a mutant punk fumble.
If you like your music unpredictable but weighty this is for you.”

I’ve had swine flu and my dreaded back injury is still not fixed! Apart from that everything is fine and your emails about our side project have been helpful and very rewarding, here are few of the latest pages we have done on SystemCulture.org. See: Grave Jibes Fanzine this this is a great little magazine and they are always on the look out for stuff to review.

The website SystemCulture.org is dedicated to reviewing and interviewing artists. Each interview has the artists link widget and player on it. If you want an interview on SystemCulture.orgWe want to ask you some questions; contact us if you want to participate – keep emailing us with your details and we will keep promoting your music.