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Video Premier #Paignton

On Sunday I went to the premier of Garry Smout’s video of ‘Trees Dance Naked’. I have a small cameo role in this Gothic (?) tale of unrequited love and murder. Not sure I will be collecting a supporting actor Oscar in the near future…

Below are some images I took of Paignton Beach.

CD deals! – Finish The Story

Numbered limited editions of ‘Sampler #05’ (100) and Jig-Saw Man (100) by ‘This Window’ – see details below. Only a few left.The limited release of 100 CD’s of The Sampler #05 was originally released as an exhibition promo giveaway in September 2007. The discs are numbered and have the exhibition stamp on the covers.

2 Discs: £4.00


Morgue Studio Demos (CDr)

Disc: £2.95

The first four tracks on this CD were recorded between March and May 2008 at Morgue Studio and the fifth is a section from This Window’s 30 minute live set which was streamed (via the Internet) to the Plac.Art.X event in Leerer Beutel/ Regensburg Germany on the 18th August 2007. These five tracks are a sneak preview of two forth coming albums by This Window. This CD is a limited release of 100.

Track Listing

1. Where Is My Jesus? (3.30)
2. Is It A Dream? (3.12)
3. You Have The Power (3.02)
4. Avocets (3.45)
5. (live)Salle de Bain (2.21)

‘This Window’ are on this recording:

Jake Bright – Guitar, Bass
Marni De Much – Percussion
Peter Bright – Guitar, Bass, Vocal
Additional vocals on track 2 – Caroline B

Buy them from