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This Window – free Microsoft download

This%20WindowIn 2009 A free download of ‘You Have The Power‘ by This Window was made possible by Microsoft. There were 1,000s of other FREE songs were available to download. These free downloads (m4a and mp3) were all from ReverbNation artists and made possible through the Sponsored Songs program. These songs were EXCLUSIVE to the program, which meant you would have to pay to get these downloads from anywhere else.

This was a fantastic success with thousands of copies of the track being downloaded, which helped sell other artworks.

Morgue Studio Demos (CDr)

Label: M4TR Productions
Catalog#: M4tr008
Format: CDr Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: 20 May 2008
Genre: Rock
Style: Art Rock, Goth Rock
Credits: Bass – Jake Bright
Note The first four tracks on this CD were recorded between March and May 2008 at Morgue Studio and the fifth is a section from This Window’s 30 minute live set which was streamed (via the Internet) to the Plac.Art.X event in Leerer Beutel/ Regensburg Germany on the 18th August 2007. This CD is a limited release of 100.Read review of Morgue Studio Demos  by Mick Mercer


1 Where Is My Jesus? (3:30)
2 Is It A Dream? (3:12)
3 You Have The Power (3:02)
4 Avocets (3:45)
5 (live) Salle De Bain (2:21)

Beauty and the Beast


Media: Painting and Screen Print on canvas, signed and dated 2011.Size: 400mm x 400mmBuy here…

Who is Peter Bright? – from Wikipedia

This Window (UK) was formed by Peter Bright around 1985; earlier tape experiments exist from 1979 to 1984. These tape experiments formed the basic philosophy of This Window. The analogue tape machine became the main instrument used to create ‘songs’. This interest in experimentation had been nurtured whilst being a member of the Exeter College of Art bands, T.34 (1978 – 1980) and The Urge (1979). The Urge supported Adam and the Ants and Bauhaus and were offered a record contract with 4AD but decided to split up and consequently didn’t sign. In A Glass Darkly (1981) was a project with the lead singer from The Urge, Russell Young and two ballet dancers who performed to a tape backing track of a dripping tap, only a handful of gigs were played in London. This project ended and Peter later joined Finish The Story (1981 -1986) as guitarist.

The perfect conduit for This Window’s music and art was the Cassette Culture and Mail Art scenes. These networks of artists and musicians encouraged an early form of open source cooperation, with projects being shared and created. This methodology fitted in with This Window’s approach to creativity.

Over the years This Window became the pseudonym of Peter Bright.

Music production


  • Review in German magazine ‘Epitaph’ 1991, contains list of solo releases from 1988 – 1991 [1]
  • Review and interview with the BBC in 2005 about the release of ‘The Sampler #05’.[2] There is a link on this page to an audio clip of the interview.
  • Review by Mick Mercer: [3] in 2007
  • Review in Grave Jibes Fanzine (Russia) February 2010 [4] pages 64 to 71. This includes an interview and a review of ‘Cassette Culture 1989 – 2009’
  • Article on early experiences of home taping [5] from the ‘The Living Archive Of Underground Music’


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Download UK AlbumCassette Culture 1989 – 2009

Extra News

“…trawling through the knicker drawer of my artistic ventures over the years and found some incriminating evidence, not least these three tracks recorded in the spare bedroom with various musician friends.”
Source MySpace.com

Two of these tracks by Veronica Henry are now available as downloads on most major retail sites.

“Fallen Angel” by Veronica Henry

Cassette Culture – Review

Below is a section from a review by Mick Mercer in his journal (November 21st, 2009). His is one of our favorite sites on the web.

“Extraction Part 1’ through to ‘Extraction Part 4’ works out as about thirty five minutes from the ‘Extraction’ album, with everything from scuzzy guitar doldrums, to foul-mouthed American opinion, displaced operatics, Industrial rumblings, orchestral fritters, world musicish musings and waverings, rhythmic sibilance. ‘Hungry Children’ is a weird disquieting flutter, then the gloriously swaggering ‘Where Is My Jesus?’ is real style because this is as good a post-punk slinky noir standout as you’ll find, which then ends up as ‘Jig-Saw Man’, a mutant punk fumble.
If you like your music unpredictable but weighty this is for you.”

I’ve had swine flu and my dreaded back injury is still not fixed! Apart from that everything is fine and your emails about our side project have been helpful and very rewarding, here are few of the latest pages we have done on SystemCulture.org. See: Grave Jibes Fanzine this this is a great little magazine and they are always on the look out for stuff to review.

The website SystemCulture.org is dedicated to reviewing and interviewing artists. Each interview has the artists link widget and player on it. If you want an interview on SystemCulture.orgWe want to ask you some questions; contact us if you want to participate – keep emailing us with your details and we will keep promoting your music.