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Curating the West Buckland Festival exhibition

It is with great pleasure I am pleased to announce that I am curating the exhibition at the West Buckland Exhibition for 2010. This event is supported by Lady Margaret Fortescue and The Countess of Arran

The Gallery‘ 2010

Drawing  above by Peter Bright

During the festival
The Gallery exhibition will enable visitors to view and in some cases buy works of art by local Devon artists. The Gallery will be in St Peter’s Church, West Buckland and will be open during the festival period.

The aim of the The Gallery exhibition is to enable and promote selected, amateur and professional artist living within the dispersed communities of North Devon and beyond. Past exhibitions have received critical acclaim and have been remarkably successful for artists and visitors. Diversity has been the success of these exhibitions, with entries ranging from textiles, painting, carving, printmaking and ceramics etc.

The objects in this exhibition have been selected by Peter Bright. A full list of exhibiting artists will be published as soon as possible.

West Buckland Festival is a festival of music, entertainment and leisure, held in a small village on the edge of Exmoor. This year’s festival featured more than a dozen events between 9th and 12th September 2010.

Painting – ‘Lake Zurich (Early Morning)’

Lake Zurich (Early Morning) painted by Peter Bright

Lake Zurich (Early Morning) painted by Peter Bright

The image above is of a painting I did entitled, ‘Lake Zurich (Early Morning)’. This photograph was taken by Sue Sunderland in West Buckland Church (North Devon) where it was part of the West Buckland Festival Exhibition in 2009. Click on image to enlarge.