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1981 – 83 footage (video) – Review in Russian Magazine

This video only took  Garry 30 years to make.

Live footage of Finish the Story at Exeter Art College Feb 1983 mixed with 8 track studio version from 1981/2, some new images, original sequences and ‘lost’ shots – such as the bedroom doorway from the farm (R.I.P) and very early footage of Nicola at farm window — not wanting to play! Even very rare footage of me playing guitar live.

This is a glimpse at my past!

Cassette Culture 1989 - 2009 by This WindowThis is probably the most in depth interview about This Window: gravejibes.com (We are on page 64).

This also includes early pictures of Finish The Story (some never been seen before) and some words of wisdom from Jake Bright (producer, instrumentalist extraordinaire) and a very generous review of our release ‘Cassette Culture 1989 – 2009?.

Cassette Culture 1989 – 2009 by This Window

We can recommend this Russian Federation publication to anybody who is interested in the ‘Darkside’. Contact them NOW!

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In 1977 I was asked to ‘crew’ for a video (In those days the equipment was huge, I had to carry a box the size of a suitcase). The video was of the processes involved in producing meat in a slaughterhouse, I did this for a painter who was creating images based on dead things. I witnessed the slaughtering of pigs, lambs, and beef. The video shoot was over three days and although horrific it was surprising how quickly I adapted to the  mass slaughter – the analogies between what I witnesses and the images of Jewish concentration camps during the Second World War were obvious – what I was surprised with was the speed in which such volume could be processed.

I’ve just read an article on American Slaughterhouses. The same issues and questions exist 30 years on. – Define cruelty when you take a life? What isn’t fit to harvest?

My Olympia!

This movie was inspired by Manet’s Olympia (which is in the Muse d’Orsay, Paris)….more

The audio track is by This Window and features Veronica Henry on vocals (Veronica Hery is a best selling author). Originally released by M4tr Productions in 1989 on This Window’s second album “Jude The Obscure” and subsequently re-released in 2007 (CD and download) on the album “The Obscure Jude”(M4tr.com).