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…a position of extreme difficulty or resistance

Conclusion:  Starting from a previously successful way of making paintings Peter has quite deliberately explored new approaches that have been combined with the use of new materials. At the centre of these approaches has been a continuing battle to rid previous ‘habits’ and expectations about how to make art. Unlearning old skills and employing new strategies are a constant preoccupation and he brings to tutorials a questioning about how (and in how many ways) we can read the resulting work itself. His stance has been courageous – he has been prepared to let go; take risks and this is beginning to pay dividends.

John Myers, Wolverhampton University (14/02/03)

Getting things done is about making higher and better use of all of one’s abilities – spiritual, emotional etc. We have the power to make a difference, to our lives and in the greater world, if we simply make a point to try and deliberately explore new approaches.

Synchronicities, which point towards deep, creative journeys – the “importance” of their superficial appearances may lead to a cul de sac or a new route. Fnding knowledge, strength, and inspiration needed to make a positive step either backwards or forwards is the desired thing, to be prepared to let go and take risks.

The Truth is much starker:

creativityThere are millions of ‘Art’ viewpoints; some take a position of extreme difficulty or resistance. This position questions everything and is unforgiving. The principal is that artists should look beyond the superficiality of life and expose the core. They should also look at the superficiality of Art and culture and rip and tear at the flesh of its own conception, rejecting Metaphor, Romanticism etc. etc. By implementing such self imposed draconian measures you may be left with a purity of ideas but that leaves little to create or live for.

(PB 2003)


 New beginnings and great expectations are always available – a positive omen is always possible on the turn of a card?