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Disc: £4.25

A new release from ‘This Window’ on This CD contains new tracks from ‘This Window’ (2007) and re-workings of old songs and spans the time period between 1981 and 2007.

14 tracks recorded by

Appearing on this collection:
Peter Bright: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Tapes
Jacob Bright : Guitars
Mark Dean : Drums

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Disc: £4.81

The first 15 tracks of this CD are from ‘This Window’ 1989 release Jude The Obscure, which was released by M4tr. Read the Reviews of Jude The Obscure.“This is a tape of pioneering experiments in jazztinged folky introspection, avant-garde, vocalese all seamlessly cross pollinating into a superb heady mixture.”

The bonus tracks contain an unreleased track of 2007, a remix of a 1989 classic from ‘Extraction’ and ‘Fallen Angel’ from This Window’s first album ‘Hope’

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Ciao Again (multimedia download)
Download: £0.69 by This Window released in 2005 on ‘The Sampler #05’.(time=2:50)
Extract from The Goat (multimedia download) Download: £0.94 Originally released on ‘The Goat'(m4tr003) and remixed and re-released on ‘Jig-Saw Man'(m4tr005) in 2007. Track length 5.00 minutes. Preview of track
Cuban TV (multimedia download) Download: £0.68 Listen to track preview on MySpace. This Window recorded live in the studio of, whilst watching Cuban TV.(time=3:06)This track is off the 2007 CD Jig-Saw Man.