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Politics = the aesthetics of the system +

the aesthetics of failure = Politics

Fidel Castro

US Government Prohibits All Exports to Cuba (1960)

Cuba is the most exciting and inspirational place I have been to….and was one of the major factors in getting me painting again. The place is about survival and adaptability – before 1960, the US and Cuba shared strong economic ties, trading heavily in sugar and tobacco. When Fidel Castro rose to power and Cuba expropriated many American-owned land holdings, the US took action, enforcing countermeasures such as the 1960 prohibition of all exports to Cuba. In 1962, the US imposed a commercial, financial, and economic embargo on Cuba, which remains one of the most enduring trade blockades in modern history. More…

As a UK citizen it would be interesting to know the exact position my government take on this blockade – there are some interesting insights here..

Trip to Cuba 1999

The billboards around Cuba proclaim Revolution; the heroic gestures of Cuban heroes symbolize the power of Revolution. Cuba is still in a politicized state of revolution, a religion of the state, with Che substituting for the iconic imagery of Christ…. The imagery and feel of Cuba lead me to submit a proposal to Wolverhampton University in 2003 for my final piece of work there – it was never completed.

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