West Buckland Festival 2010

West Buckland Festival 2010

‘Your Art’ 2010

Details of the format of the ‘Your Art’ 2010 will be posted here during May 2010

West Buckland Festival is a festival of music, entertainment and leisure, held in a small village on the edge of Exmoor. This year’s festival featured more than a dozen events between 9th and 12th September 2010.

This year they will be supporting Shelter Box who respond instantly to natural and manmade disasters by delivering boxes of aid to those who are most in need. Each box supplies an extended family of up to 10 people with a tent and essential equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless.

Below is a brief statement about the ‘Your Art’ Exhibition 2009 (10th September – 13th September)

During the festival the ‘Your Art’ exhibition was held in St Peter’s Church, West Buckland, with entries from all over North Devon. The exhibition also offered the opportunity to buy works by local artists and craftspeople. Several artists sold their work during the festival.

The aim of the ‘Your Art’ exhibition was to enable and promote amateur and professional artist living within the dispersed communities of North Devon. Past exhibitions have received critical acclaim and have been remarkably successful for artists and visitors. Diversity is the success of these exhibitions with entries ranging from textiles, painting, carving, printmaking and ceramics etc.

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